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The idyllic complex is the direction and mainstream of the future market

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The idyllic complex is the direction and mainstream of the future market


The National Development and Reform Commission and other departments have issued a document stating that "China will strive to cultivate about 1,000 unique towns with distinctive characteristics and vitality by 2020." In October last year, the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Beautiful Characteristic Small Towns" was officially released.


Characteristic town + modern agriculture is the mainstream of the development of rural complex


From the vast spring breeze Changle and Jiangnan

Then go to the ancient town

It used to be a grand narrative of pre-promotion

Arouse the nostalgia of countless Chinese people

In such a farm

Everyone can feel the connection between people




Every season

Flowers and vegetables with different colors

All year round

There are also different seasonal colors

There are cockles, frogs, noises, and bees on the ears.

There are also fragrant rapeseed, orange blossom...










The ASA co-extruded wood structure is durable and aesthetically pleasing – it will bring you a new feeling and a lasting experience.

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