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Choose a better outdoor ASA co-extruded wood floor for a more enjoyable outdoor life

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Choose a better outdoor ASA co-extruded wood floor for a more enjoyable outdoor life

As we all know, the traditional wooden outdoor flooring production will last several times to complete the paint, the working hours are not environmentally friendly, and the post-maintenance work is very cumbersome. Units and owners who have done gardening and garden construction know that as time goes by, wooden outdoor flooring will quickly fade, age, break and rot due to various factors such as climate, temperature difference, insect ants, mold and so on. . This is especially true in wet areas in the south, and the useful life is greatly reduced.

Most of the low-cost wood-plastic flooring products will have the same problem within 2-3 years.



Now you can have a product that is superior to traditional outdoor flooring , durable, weather-resistant, rich in color, and beautiful in wood texture. It is not only structurally stable but also has a strong aesthetic and a long-lasting experience. Weather resistance and light fastness are 5-10 times that of similar products.


It is the high-tech enterprise in Fujian Province - Jianyuan Technology is the world's first successful development of ASA co-extruded wood outdoor products!




Sword source ® ASA co-extruded wood outdoor product won the users and designers welcome the preferred higher brand!



Reasons for choosing Advanced Sword Source® ASA co-extruded wood:


1. Quality assurance:

18 years of continuous technological innovation, won 19 national invention patents, the products passed the inspection of the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, especially the ASAco-extruded wood core preparation technologywith international cutting-edge innovativetechnology obtained national patent, merged into the Weihai West Science and Technology Innovation List and National Technology Transfer Project.

Jianyuan people promise to strictly control the quality of raw materials from the beginning of raw materials to the finished product storage, and deliver every qualified Jianyuan® product to your hands.


2.  No maintenance, long service life:

Compared with traditional outdoor wood flooring, sword source ®ASA co-extruded wood flooring advantages, do not fade, the course does not require any maintenance.

You no longer need to polish the plank road, the terrace floor every year, brush the wood wax oil, and no longer need to do professional maintenance for the floor brush preservative, which means that the garden and garden maintenance is easier and more economical, we will have more Time to enjoy the beauty and beauty of life.


3.  Security can be fully guaranteed:

Compared with all the traditional outdoor wood flooring, sword source ®ASA co-extruded wood advantages, certainly not the same as traditional wood decking bending deformation, rot, but not because of cracking and produce splinter. You can feel the sun on the terrace barefoot and your baby can have fun on the terrace.

Sword source ® ASA co-extruded wood surface application of high technology, non-slip performance is very high , even if you are swimming or bathing just finished walking on the terrace, sword source ®ASA co-extruded wood product has a strong anti-slip properties, make you feel Safer and more confident.


4.  From beginning to end, the beauty is as good as ever:

If you haven't learned about Jianyuan® ASA co-extruded wood products , be sure to check out. Sword source ®ASA co-extruded wood products using aerospace technology, the introduction of the world's advanced dual-extrusion technology, a molding, wood texture strong, stable molecular structure, in a natural environment, with strong weather resistance, high strength anti UV ability, high wear resistance. The image says that ASAwears a layer of armorfor WPCwood. Sword source ®ASA co-extruded wood fundamental solution to a common wood, wood preservative and other composite materials technical difficulties and shortcomings of pain points. Sword source ®ASA co-extruded wood to make outdoor flooring collection warmth and natural beauty of exotic hardwoods in one, three-dimensional lifelike texture and delicate design, texture rich and diverse, rich bright colors. Sword source ®ASA co-extruded wood provides a 20-year anti-fade quality assurance, to make your garden path along the cliff, terrace beautiful as ever.


5 , the whole core and all-round, unique patent formula, the core material determines the quality:

Sword source ®ASA co-extruded wood outdoor flooring, refused to use recycled materials, the use of disposable certain new brand of raw materials, the whole core all intended for you, allowing you to use more peace of mind and confidence.

The core of co-extrusion technology is to improve the surface life of the outdoor floor to achieve a longer life and color stability, and the quality of the floor core material is an important factor in determining the performance of wood-plastic outdoor flooring!

Sword source ®ASA coextrusion wooden decking unique patented formulation, so that the performance and properties of modified PVC particles of wood fibers with the balance of perfect , and full integration of the core material has a better floor strength, toughness and The ability to withstand harsh climates.


6 , environmental protection, sustainable development

Sword source ®ASA co-extruded wood outdoor flooring is environmentally friendly products. By a modified PVC particles and WPC made of wood fiber co-extruded, it does not require extensive felling of timber, of course, sword source ®ASA co-extruded wood outdoor flooring production does not need to add any toxic ingredients; traditional outdoor wood flooring needs to cut down Forests, and need to use toxic chemicals to maintain corrosion resistance.

Therefore, the use of Jianyuan® ASA co-extruded wood outdoor flooring is safe and environmentally friendly, giving you reason to be proud of protecting both your family and nature! 


7. Intimate professional and trustworthy landscape plank and terrace floor experts:

Jianyuan Technology (Advanced ASA Co-Extrusion Wood) will provide you with a full range of intimate services , providing simple and clear information and advice to help you make a more suitable and unique outdoor space.


8 , simple installation, to achieve your DIY dream:

Sword source ®ASA co-extruded wood decking is a superb choice to realize the dream of DIY , sword source technology can provide a complete installation Design Guide, you can also log the WWW. , (sword source technology official website) to find more practical applications Case.



The Jianyuan® ASA co-extruded wood outdoor flooring provides the perfect solution for the garden path / terrace : it has the visual effect of being close to solid wood, and the farewell maintenance of the solid wood, while also achieving a sense of aesthetics and a lasting experience .