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Basic requirements for franchisees

1. A legal entity or individual with certain economic strength and operational ability has a certain understanding and understanding of the scarf market.

2. Has a long-term business vision and strong brand awareness.

3. Has a wide range of good social relations, a strong market development ability and management level.

4. Full of enthusiasm for the cause, have a good psychological quality and adaptability, dedication, honesty and trustworthiness.

Store and counter basic requirements

1. It must be a bustling commercial section of the local city or town to ensure a certain flow of people.

2. Renovation according to the unified brand image store of the head office.

Initial fee/margin

1. Initial fee: grading depends on.

2. Margin, when the cooperation contract is signed, it will be collected by the headquarters at one time, as a guarantee that the franchisee can abide by the terms of the contract, does not damage the enterprise and brand image, does not transfer the core technology and confidentiality of the enterprise, does not sell across the designated area, and sells goods. Guaranteed fee. After the expiration of the contract, the deposit will be refunded in full without prejudice to the terms of the warranty.