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Two main characteristics of the development of characteristic towns

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Two main characteristics of the development of characteristic towns


First, the small town model of characteristic resources



The characteristic towns make a fuss about their unique ecological resources or historical and cultural resources, and through the development of ecological leisure, tourism, cultural creativity and other fields, to meet the growing ecological and cultural needs, and transform the resource advantages into development advantages.

A characteristic town with natural resources as its main development advantage does not limit its development to the dependence on natural resources, but extends to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.



Evian is a small town with only about 7,500 inhabitants. It is backed by Aalhu and opposite Lausanne, Switzerland. It is a good place for a relaxing holiday. The unique geographical structure of Evian Town has made Evian water, and the rainwater from alpine snowmelt and mountainous areas has formed Evian water in the hinterland of the Alps through 15 years of natural filtration and mineralization of glacier sand. According to the remarkable effect of Evian water on some diseases, in 1902 , a special Evian water treatment center was established. In 1984 , this center was converted into a first-class Evian water balance center. Visitors can relax in the jacuzzi. There is a professional masseur who performs a full-scale massage for the tourists according to the painful part. The swimming pool filled with Evian natural mineral water is the place that people who come to the spa center like to go. According to this, Evian Town has gradually formed a cultural tourism and recreation destination dominated by Evian water, tourism and recuperation. At present, 70% of the town's financial revenue comes from the fields related to Evian water culture.




Historical and cultural resources are the main characteristics of the construction of characteristic towns, relying on folk culture, national culture, historical heritage and other types of resources, deepen the cultural connotation, into the new cultural tourism, and create a tourist destination.



The wine wine town of Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, in accordance with the “one town and two districts” creation model determined by the Shaoxing Municipal Government, the Dongpu area is positioned to “innovate the yellow wine industry, develop the yellow wine culture tourism, and create a yellow wine health community” to create a tourism production and display. A unique town with experience, cultural creativity and leisure travel.



The construction of Huangjiu Town is divided into 12 functional blocks in four major districts, namely the Yellow Wine Industry Creative Trade Zone ( Yellow Wine Industry Creative Center, Commercial Leisure Center, International Wine Customs Exhibition Center ) , Wine Country Cultural Experience Zone ( Folklore Cultural District, B&B Winery Street District, Celebrity Culture and Art Center, Yuexiu Performing Arts Center, Huangjiu Historical and Cultural Center ) , Huangjiu International Health and Recreation Area ( Yellow Wine Culture International Exchange Center, Health and Cultivation Industry)


 Second, the construction mode of characteristic industries



Industry is the foundation of economic development. Small towns that are prosperous based on characteristic industries are usually based on developed industries, and continue to strengthen their industrial advantages. By upgrading service functions, optimizing development environment, deepening reforms and other means to gather development factors and optimize resources. Configuration, to build the core competitiveness of the development of characteristic towns.



Greenwich Town , Connecticut, USA is one of the most successful examples of developing distinctive industries based on the advantages of transportation . Although the town is small in size, it is only 174 square kilometers, but it has more than 500 hedge funds. It is known as the “base camp” of global hedge funds and is the benchmark for world fund towns. In addition to the tax and supporting preferential policies for the fund, the Greenwich town attracts a large number of funds and financial services talents because of the unique location factor.

There are several necessary conditions for the accumulation of hedge funds: first, there must be a very high speed. In the hedge fund industry, the difference between the speed of milliseconds and even the subtle meter can determine the outcome. The coastal area is close to the submarine cable and has outstanding advantages. Secondly, the hedge fund center should be closer to the financial center to facilitate various financial operations; again, the surrounding economy must be developed. Greenwich has the advantage of being close to New York, taking just over 30 minutes by train and close to the submarine cable. In addition to this location advantage, Greenwich Town has also created a beautiful living environment, equipped with entertainment facilities, health and fitness facilities, psychological clinics, etc., to fully meet the needs of higher financial people, forming a strong advantage for the hedge fund industry.



The Yuhuang Shannan Fund Town in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province is working hard to build the Chinese version of “Greenwich Town”. The financial location relationship between Yuhuangshannan and Shanghai is similar to the relationship between Greenwich and New York and has the same city effect as Shanghai. Leveraging and docking Shanghai International Financial Center, in accordance with the "New York - Greenwich" model for financial industry division of labor and synergy, and Shanghai's key development of public funds to develop misplaced, private equity funds, private equity (futures) funds, hedge funds, The five major categories of private equity funds, such as quantitative investment funds and private equity funds, are the core formats, which have attracted a number of good projects and good teams in the industry.
Yuhuangshan South Fund Town has accumulated more than 1,000 financial institutions, and its asset management scale is about
600 billion yuan. It has become an important platform for Hangzhou internationalization, and plans to strengthen cooperation with Greenwich Fund Town in the future. And share, and strive to become China's first-class, world-leading fund town.









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