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Sponsored by China National Forest Products Industry Association and China Interior Decoration Association, Beijing Haishu Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd. will host the “2015 Fifth Beijing International Wood Structure Construction and Decoration Facilities Exhibition” on March 27-29, 2015. The new museum of Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Center was held!


On September 17, 2014, the organizing committee of the exhibition held an industry association and media meeting at the Crab Island Resort in Beijing. At the meeting, the executive director of Beijing Haishu Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd. Duan Xuexiang attended the meeting. Informed the exhibition of the exhibition, he said that this exhibition will further expand the scale on the basis of the previous four exhibitions, increase publicity, comprehensively promote the development of the wood construction industry chain, and actively promote China's eco-tourism real estate and tourism Seamless docking for the holiday. It is estimated that the exhibition area will reach 30,000 square meters, and the exhibition will have two exhibition areas, indoor and outdoor. Among them, the wooden structure building with intelligent exhibition area, wooden structure beam column exhibition area, ecological park industrial chain exhibition area, etc. will become the new highlights of this exhibition. The exhibits of this exhibition involve wood structure construction and supporting, eco-tourism, camping equipment, garden landscape and so on.


The organizing committee invited the national tourism real estate developers and wood structure construction project parties to come to the exhibition site to form interaction with many exhibitors, making this exhibition become the “Canton Fair” in the wood structure industry.


During the exhibition, the organizing committee will also organize exciting supporting activities, such as: China's wood structure “Top Ten Women” selection campaign, low carbon and environmental protection model demonstration unit selection activities, the third China Wood Structure Design Competition and so on.


At present, the investment promotion work of the 5th Beijing International Wood Structure Construction and Decoration Facilities Exhibition has been fully launched. Industry companies have started to sign up, including Jilin Forest Industry, Heilongjiang Forest Industry, Suzhou Royal, Beixin Building Materials, St. Lodi King Kong, Daxinganling Shenzhou Arctic, Tianjin Younick, Beijing Yi Zesi, Beilin Runjing, Shanghai Cherisi, Beijing Baberui, Hebei Jianuo, Beijing Shanhe Shuiyi, Tianjin Jumei, Yantai Huanghai, Yantai Bohai, Weili, Genhegen Forest, Taizhou Ouya, Jiangsu Jiangjia, Yingkou Xiaoyu, Weifang Xindidu, etc. will all bring The new products were shocked and unveiled at this exhibition.


In addition, the Canadian Wood Industry Association, the Finnish Sawn Timber Association, the American Needle Union, the National Wood Standards Committee Structure Standardization Subcommittee Technical Committee, and the China Wood Protection Association will also participate in the exhibition.


We believe that with the continuous support and participation of new and old customers, this exhibition will provide a platform for domestic and foreign industry exhibitors and visitors to be full of business opportunities and charm! It will become the vane and incubator to guide the development of the wood structure construction industry!


In March 2015, let us gather in Beijing and go to the Spring Festival! Sharing the 5th anniversary of the show together!