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Turning waste into treasure Qinghai's first green wood-plastic composite material debut

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Waste plastic recycling is a long-standing problem that has always been the focus of the industry, and wood-plastic materials have undoubtedly found a way out for waste plastics. Recently, Qinghai's first wood-plastic environmental protection products debuted, turning waste plastics, which were left unattended in the past, into green wood-plastic composite materials.


On December 10, the reporter walked into the wood-plastic workshop of Qinghai Ronghao New Wood Products Co., Ltd. The workers were busy cleaning and smashing the waste plastics, and then adding a mixture of wood powder, in the roar of the machine, waste The plastic instantly becomes a reusable wood-plastic product such as a manhole cover, a greenhouse frame, a skirting line, and a floor.


In recent years, the province has fully developed dry farming, which has resulted in a large number of waste mulch films. In 2011 alone, there were 5,600 tons of waste plastic mulch, causing serious “white pollution”. In order to solve this problem effectively, Qinghai Ronghao New Wood Products Co., Ltd. collects waste mulch and collects it for secondary processing. Recycling of renewable resources is vigorously carried out through the circular economy model of “resources-products-waste-renewable resources”. Up to now, the company has recycled more than 1,380 tons of waste plastic film and more than 100 tons of plastic. Yang Gengsheng, a farmer from Xiazhai Village, Ledu County, told reporters that he had smashed more than 150 kilograms of old mulch film this year. Ronghao Company bought 2.5 yuan per kilogram and earned 120 yuan more.


The reporter learned that the wood-plastic products produced by the company are not popular because they do not absorb water, are not deformed, have high efficiency and low prices. However, due to high production costs, mass production cannot be achieved, and scale effects cannot be formed. If the relevant departments can pay attention to this good project that is conducive to environmental protection and is conducive to farmers' income increase, I believe that this emerging industry will definitely bring people the gospel. (Author: Shaoxiu Fang)