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JIANYUAN WPC sword is unsheathed, and innovative technology leads the new trend of environmental protection

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JIANYUAN WPC sword is unsheathed, and innovative technology leads the new trend of environmental protection

      China Plastic Industry Network brand special report: the mission of the trend, welcome new market opportunities. In order to vigorously carry out environmental protection, the company has transformed from a profiled manufacturer to a wood-plastic industry, introduced the world's advanced two-machine co-extrusion technology, digested and absorbed international scientific research results, and produced an innovative composite material of co-extruded wood-plastic. It has flourished, and 70% of its products are sold domestically. The market is mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta and Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai regions.


Nanping production base


       Solve pain points and get patents. The products of JIANYUAN WPC are mainly environmental protection. The ASA/PVC co-extruded wood-plastic series products developed by the company have been accepted by the State Intellectual Property Office for invention patents. The technology and process have reached the international advanced level, and the common composite materials have been fundamentally solved. The problems of fading, cracking, deformation and cracking in use are internationally recognized excellent outdoor composite materials, which are widely used in various garden landscapes, hydrophilic platforms, outdoor terraces and exterior wall decoration of high-grade villas, and solved the pain points of the industry. Well received.


Xiamen Operation Center


Environmental protection is paramount and technology is a core competitiveness. Because wood plastic needs to add a large amount of material fiber in the production process, the wear of the barrel and the screw is relatively large. JIANYUAN WPC is to create a more quality product, using the cost-effective Kangda, Guangliang Wuxi mechanical production equipment. In addition, in the face of industry competition, technology research and development has become the core competitiveness of the company's development. So far, JIANYUAN WPC has served for large-scale international event venues such as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, and has been constructed with Shanghai Pujiang Riverside Landscape Construction, Xiamen BRIC Five Congress, National “Water Beauty City” Demonstration Zone Landscape, etc. Many project engineering construction cooperation is highly favored. It is believed that in the future, JIANYUAN WPC will guide the market with new ideas based on the concept of environmental protection and quality first. The sword will be unsheathed and will give more strength to the environmental protection cause!