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Jianyuan ASA co-extruded wood-plastic blooms in China's “Shuimei City” demonstration zone

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Jianyuan ASA co-extruded wood-plastic blooms in China's “Shuimei City” demonstration zone

The construction of “ Shuimei City” is the practice of “Green Mountain Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan”. Nanping – Taking the construction of Shuimei City as an opportunity to accelerate green development, explore the development path of Qingshan to Jinshan, provide model and experience for the whole country. Jianyuan Technology - successfully entered the construction of the National Water Demonstration Zone ofShuimei Citywith excellent products as the starting point, through theSangong Bridge Landscape Project of Shaowu City, the Ziyun Lake Fitness Trail in Shaowu City, and the Kao Ting Lake Landscape in Jianyang District. construction ASA / PVC coextrusion applications for outdoor wood products , in the " beautiful water city," national demonstration zone bloom in and get much praise .

ASA/PVC co-extruded wood-plastic products adopt the world's current advanced two-machine co-extrusion technology, and a layer of ASA polymer material is co-extruded in the PVC wood-plastic core to achieve surface coating. The image is ASA for WPC wood plastic. It has a layer of armor, and it has a molding and stable molecular structure. It can still have strong weather resistance under various natural environments. It has high UV resistance, high wear resistance, flame retardant, wood texture and no fading. Maintenance-free, easy to install and other functions. Greatly improve the weather resistance, anti-aging and ornamental of the material. Fundamentally solved the first generation of wood-plastic, second-generation ordinary co-extruded wood-plastic products and ordinary outdoor composite materials often appear in outdoor applications, such as fracture, delamination, deformation cracking, fading and other problems and defects.

Since the successful development of ASA/PVC co-extruded outdoor wood-plastics, it has transformed scientific and technological innovations into commodities and has been widely used in Xiamen Golden Brick Five Congress to meet major landscape projects, Shanghai Pujiang landscape, and exported to the United States, Canada, Australia, Dubai, etc. Multiple countries and regions.


Sangong Bridge Landscape in Shaowu City













Jianting District Huating Lake Landscape











Shaowu Ziyun Lake Fitness Trail








 JIANYUAN WPC has been in the industry for 16 years.

Only to make better wood and dream for low-carbon environmental protection;

Only if you live up to it, you can return to your heart!

Through continuous technological innovation,

Become a leading company in the production of wood-plastic co-extrusion products in China,

National Invention Patent,

Wood-plastic coextrusion of the top ten brands.

       The main products are outdoor ASA co-extrusion, PVC co-extruded wood-plastic, with plank floor series, guardrail series, and exterior wall panel series products, which are widely used in garden scenic spots, hydrophilic platforms, swimming pools, villas and hotels. Welcomed and loved by customers at home and abroad.

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  The quality of the “Jianyuan” brand ASA-PVC co-extruded wood-plastic outdoor products produced by Jianyuan Technology can completely contradict the similar products produced by European and American countries.