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The trend of landscape design in living quarters and the application of ecological wood

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From the simple garden design mode to the introduction of a large number of valuable tree species from abroad; from the design of the local flavor to the famous actors at home and abroad, and the continuous development and change from the popular design of the large waterscape in the living community, but It is not difficult for us to find four obvious development trends:


Trend 1. The design and application of ecological wood in the landscape will become an inevitable trend ---


In order to achieve the quality of the project, the developer has designed a landscape like a small bridge in the garden of the community. The flowing water, the small bridge and the plank road make people feel relaxed and happy. Eco-wood has been well received and preferred by designers because of its obvious advantages such as environmental protection, waterproof, anti-ant, flame retardant, recyclable, easy to install and easy to maintain. Eco-wood has become the best alternative to wood products such as wood preservatives. The quality of “WPC-wooden plastic” in ecological wood is the best. Under the guidance of countries that protect limited forest resources and protect the natural environment in which we depend, the design and application of ecological wood is bound to become the first development trend.



A large number of applications of ecological wood in community gardens



Designer's application plan for ecological wood in community gardens


Trend 2. Pleasant and value-for-


Real estate developers often in a project in order to attract attention, do not hesitate to use heavy gold to buy rare varieties from the field and even from abroad to plant in the community. We believe that a real estate with some rare trees is enough to set off the quality of the community, but not too much, but more without a sense of hierarchy. The landscape of the garden community should be laid out according to the requirements of the whole real estate pattern. Therefore, the choice of tree species is very important. The surrounding building subjects play a decisive role in the selection of tree species. The classical style building is suitable for planting some banana trees; and the modern style building is suitable for planting. Some geometric shapes of trees, etc. Tree species that are pleasing to the eye and create practical value for the owners are the most valuable landscaping methods. Excessive pursuit of scarce varieties or the introduction of valuable tree species abroad is not a trend in the development of healthy real estate gardens.



The rendering of the atrium garden design


Trend 3. Soft landscape and green layout ---


The real estate landscape has always had two different development directions: one is based on hard landscapes, advocating large squares, large axes, and large structures; the other is based on soft landscape greening, emphasizing nature and tranquility. Warm landscape effect. We believe that the trend of real estate landscape in the future should be developed in the direction of greening allocation, the greening area will increase and the varieties and levels will develop in a more diversified direction. However, the later green maintenance is very important, because the better the plant grows, the better the effect of the community.



Rendering of the landscape design and green layout design of the atrium in the real estate


Trend 4. Distinct and seasonal changes ---


No matter how beautiful the scene is, it will be easy to produce aesthetic fatigue after a long time, let alone face the same environment for many years. The community garden landscape has evolved from simple planting to modern landscape design. Designers are constantly innovating to create a fascinating landscape with limited space. The changing landscape and seasonal garden design make the community more accessible. Keep more freshness and vitality.



Southern scenery style design



Northern scenery style design


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