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Office design considerations

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1. Pay attention to the sense of order when designing the office:


The order in the design is the rhythm of the shape, the integrity of the shape and the simplicity of the shape. Office design is also the use of this basic principle to create a quiet and clean environment. It is an essential element of office design. Order plays a more crucial role in office design.




Reception area:


design draft:


2. Pay attention to the expressive feeling when designing the office:


Giving the office a sense of sensibility is also a basic requirement of the design and is determined by the functional requirements of the office. The bright colors in the decoration give a pleasant mood, giving people a sense of cleanliness, while the bright colors can also increase the indoor lighting during the day. At present, many designers bring the brighter green to the office. This type of design often gives people a good visual effect, thus creating a kind of spring, which is also a creative means of indoors.




3. Pay attention to environmental protection and sound absorption when designing the office:


The environmental protection of the office and the good sound absorption are also the basic requirements of the design. The environmental protection requirements of Jianyuan Ecological Wood exceed the national indicators and are higher than the internationally required environmental protection indicators. The ecological wood sound insulation and sound absorption effects are also particularly good, and the installation project is also particularly simple and convenient, and the service life is several times that of ordinary xylem. The application of green raw materials during decoration will give people a sense of security and comfort, and ecological wood is a better material.



4. Enterprise office space design and overall planning:


In addition to the beautiful, practical and safe office decoration, the office furniture has a plan to create a situation and a complete environment. Office decoration should be designed with consideration for environmental landscape and details of use, efficiency, management, network, lighting, environmental protection, noise treatment and so on. It is expected to use green environmental protection products---Eco-wood to design works that are more in line with modern fashion trends, and create a perfect office space, which not only enhances work efficiency for customers, but also enhances the overall corporate image.