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Technological innovation - Jianyuan co-extruded wood-plastic products

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Technological innovation - Jianyuan co-extruded wood-plastic products


China is a country with relatively scarce forest resources. With the rapid development of the economy, forest timber has been over-harvested, the green barrier has been severely damaged, and serious environmental problems have arisen, posing great threats to human survival and development. Air pollution and water pollution have deeply affected our basic living conditions and health. It is becoming more and more important to pay attention to the ecological environment and put forward higher requirements for the application of outdoor new materials.



In the past few years, a large number of outdoor composite materials such as plastic wood (WPC), heavy WPC wood, and carbonized wood have been used in the market. Among them, wood-plastic composite materials give full play to the advantages of wood-plastic composition in their materials, which overcomes to some extent. The limitations of wood and other composite materials with low strength, large variation, perishable and easy to burn, flammable, etc., and make full use of the advantages of high-molecular polymer processing, avoiding high-temperature creep of resin materials, low temperature and easy Brittle weakness, so as to achieve recycling, low-carbon environmental protection purposes, widely used in building materials, municipal, garden, automotive and other fields.


From the experimental application of wood-plastics in the 2008 Beijing Olympic venues to the outdoor garden landscapes such as the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, WPC materials are widely used as a new type of composite material in various fields.


With the emphasis on environmental protection by the state and the whole society, the production and use of outdoor composite materials has been vigorously developed in China. Due to the late start of research and development of composite materials in China, most of the products have low technical content and poor quality. They are generally shortcomings such as easy fading, cracking, single color, and weak wood grain. They cannot be widely used.


North America is a region with abundant wood resources in the world. It attaches great importance to the research and development of composite materials, especially wood-plastic materials technology. The starting point is high. In the past few years, high-value-added co-extruded wood-plastic composite materials have been developed. It is suitable for use under various natural conditions, featuring high weather resistance, rich color, strong woody feeling and stable physical and chemical properties.



In the national 13th Five-Year Industrial Development Plan, co-extruded wood-plastic materials have been identified as the advanced composite materials mainly promoted by emerging lead composite materials.


After years of in-depth research and practice, FUJIAN JIANYUAN WPC SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. has introduced foreign advanced technology and scientific and technological achievements of domestic universities. After repeated experimental research and development, it has achieved breakthrough results and has successfully developed PVC, ASA/PVC and other materials. The new composite materials of co-extruded wood-plastic outdoor materials of different materials have been tested by the National Building Plastics Quality Supervision and Inspection Center to meet the standards of similar products in Europe and the United States. It has stronger weather resistance and better physical and chemical properties.


It has reached the leading level in China , fundamentally solved the problems of fading, cracking, deformation and cracking of ordinary composite materials in use, and developed more than a dozen plank floor with high wood texture, texture features and rich colors. Fence exterior wall panels, etc., will be widely used in various garden landscapes, hydrophilic platforms, outdoor villas for outdoor villas and exterior wall decoration.