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Recent news: wood-plastic coextrusion demand is heating up

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Wood-plastic coextrusion demand heats up



According to China Plastics Rubber News: In recent years, there have been more and more co-extruded wood-plastic products in the European and American markets. The total volume of wood-plastic co-extrusion products has exceeded 80%, not only the wood-plastic doors and windows with high production process requirements. The handrails and fences are coextruded with wood-plastic, and even more and more co-extruded wood-plastics are used for floors, fences, exterior wall panels and formwork. It can be said that co-extruded wood-plastics has become the mainstream trend of wood-plastic products.


Wood-plastic coextrusion market demand rises


The North American wood-plastic market accounts for more than 70% of the global wood-plastic market, with more than 30% of wood-plastic flooring. Taking wood-plastic flooring as an example, according to the report of the US market research company, the demand for wood-plastic flooring market has risen steadily, among which the sales of ordinary non-co-extruded wood-plastic flooring decreased by 25%, and the co-extruded wood-plastic flooring increased by 30%.


At this year's International Architecture Exhibition in Orlando, I saw that almost all foreign manufacturers are promoting wood-plastic coextrusion products. The author surveyed the world's top four wood-plastic floor manufacturers, and their co-extruded wood-plastic flooring accounted for the sales of wood-plastic flooring. 50-75%.


According to market research conducted by US market research companies on building materials supermarkets, distributors and building contractors, 95% of users prefer to use co-extruded wood-plastic flooring compared with ordinary wood-plastic flooring, and it is estimated that 2 years later, co-extruded wood The market share of plastic flooring will reach 90%.


The domestic market is also heating up. Some well-known scenic spot renovation negotiations are also underway. It can be seen that the co-extrusion of wood-plastic into the mainstream of outdoor flooring is only a matter of time.



The “Jianyuan” brand ASA/PVC and PVC/PVC co-extruded wood-plastic outdoor products produced by Jianyuan Technology all meet the EU standards, which can compete with similar products produced by European and American countries.










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