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ASA co-extruded wood bloom "Shuimei City" China Demonstration Zone (China Plastic Wood Service Platform)

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ASA co-extruded wood bloom "Shuimei City" China Demonstration Zone (China Plastic Wood Service Platform)


        ASA/PVC co-extruded wood products adopt the world's current advanced two-machine co-extrusion technology, and a layer of ASA polymer material is coextruded in the PVC wood-plastic core to achieve surface coating. The image is that ASA is worn by WPC wood plastic. A layer of armor, and one molding, stable molecular structure, can still have strong weather resistance in various natural environments, high strength, UV resistance, high wear resistance, and flame retardant, wood texture, no fading, free Features such as easy maintenance and installation. Greatly improve the weather resistance, anti-aging and ornamental of the material. Fundamentally solved the first generation of wood-plastic, second-generation ordinary co-extruded wood-plastic products and ordinary outdoor composite materials often appear in outdoor applications, such as fracture, delamination, deformation cracking, fading and other problems and defects.

       According to the plastic wood service platform, Jianyuan ASA/PVC co-extruded outdoor wood series products have successfully entered the construction of the “Shuimei City” National Demonstration Zone, in the Sangong Bridge Landscape Project of Shaowu City, and the Ziyun Lake Fitness Trail in Shaowu City. The project of the Cowing Lake Scenic Area in Yang District has been blooming and won many praises.

       The construction of “Shuimei City” is the practice of “Green Mountain Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan”. The central city of 10 counties in Nanping is surrounded by mountains and rivers. Accelerate the innovative exploration of Qingshan to Jinshan, accelerate the green development with the construction of water-summer cities, provide samples and create experience for the whole country.


Sangong Bridge Landscape in Shaowu City, Fujian Province






Landscape of Kao Ting Lake in Jianyang District, Nanping City, Fujian Province





Ziyun Lake Fitness Trail in Shaowu City, Fujian Province





Since the successful development of        ASA/PVC outdoor co-extruded wood-plastics, it has transformed scientific and technological innovations into commodities and has been widely used in Xiamen Golden Brick Five Congress to meet major landscape enhancement projects, Shanghai Pujiang cross-strait landscape, and exported to the United States, Canada, Australia, Dubai. Waiting for multiple countries and regions.