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[JIANYUAN WPC] ASA wood-plastic co-extrusion paving floor----a beautiful landscape in the garden landscape

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[JIANYUAN WPC] ASA wood-plastic co-extruded paving floor

---- A beautiful landscape in the garden landscape


The charming garden landscape is not just a place.

It is a relaxed environment that allows us to release stress.

It allows us to touch the blue sky, white clouds and trees between the heavens and the earth.




ASA/PVC wood-plastic co-extrusion is an outdoor composite material that JIANYUAN WPC has innovated in recent years . ASA/PVC wood-plastic co-extruded floor, guardrail and exterior wall material series itself have high weather resistance, waterproof, anti-corrosion, flame retardant and wear-resistant. In addition to maintenance-free, plasticity and other environmentally-friendly performances, it fundamentally solves the shortcomings of ordinary wood and other composite materials that will be deformed, cracked, discolored, single-color wood, and need to be maintained, and more because of its surface and natural wood. It is comparable to wood and texture, and is widely used in outdoor villas, museums, hotels, landscape gardens, etc. in Europe and the United States. The surface of the wood-plastic co-extruded product is rich in color, natural and smooth woody, durable and not fading, simple and heavy, giving people a variety of changes, ups and downs, the feeling of life and movement, making people pleasing to the eye, properly representing people and sports, The harmony between life and rhythm. These textures are enduring and never tired. Bring you a memory and a warmth.