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Nine advantages of ecological wood

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1. Authenticity---Ecological wood not only has the woody texture and natural texture of solid wood, but also has the simple feeling of returning to nature, and can be used in different designs to reflect the comprehensive effect of modern architectural aesthetics and material design aesthetics.


2. Safety---Ecological wood has the characteristics of “long-term use in water”, high strength and water resistance, strong impact resistance and no cracking.


3. Wide range - Eco-wood products are suitable for use in any environment such as living rooms, hotels, entertainment venues, bathing places, offices, kitchens, restrooms, schools, hospitals, sports fields, shopping malls, laboratories, etc.


4. Stability---Ecological wood indoor and outdoor products anti-aging, waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-insect, anti-termite, effective flame retardant, durability, anti-aging and thermal insulation energy saving, long-term use In an outdoor environment with a large climate change, it does not deteriorate, is not embrittled, and its performance is not degraded.


5. Uniqueness---Materials mixed with wood fiber and polyester blending and heating, do not use materials containing harmful substances such as benzene, formaldehyde, cyanogen, etc., eliminating decoration pollution, no maintenance and maintenance, no pollution, It is pollution-free and has the characteristics of sound absorption and energy saving.


6. Environmental protection---Ecological wood anti-ultraviolet, non-radiative, antibacterial, formaldehyde-free, ammonia, benzene and other harmful substances, in line with national environmental standards and European standards, is the top environmental protection standard in Europe, non-toxic and odor-free pollution after decoration, Can be stayed right away, is a truly green product.


7. Cyclical---Ecological wood has the unique characteristics of recyclable use.


8. Consistency---Ecological wood has the characteristics of one-time color formation, and it really achieves the same.


9. Convenience---cuttable, sawable, planable, nailable, paint-free, bondable, ecological wood products with excellent industrial design, mostly designed by socket, bayonet and splicing. Therefore, the installation saves time and is extremely fast. Simple installation and easy construction.


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