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Advantages of plastic-wood composite materials in garden landscape application

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The wood-plastic floor made of wood-plastic material has the same processing characteristics as wood. It can be sawed, drilled and nailed with ordinary tools. It is very convenient and can be used like ordinary wood floor. Because plastic wood combines the water resistance and anti-corrosion properties of plastic with the texture of wood, it is an excellent outdoor building material with excellent performance. Combining the properties and characteristics of wood and plastic, extruded or press-formed sheets or other products can replace new composites of wood and plastic.


The following are some of the advantages of wood-based materials in the application, the loss of plastic wood profiles is even lower.


Plastic wood is a profile that can be produced according to the needs of customers. The length of all wood is prescribed to be dead.


If the wood is the same, you can win more with less.


Let me make an analogy. Generally, the outdoor floor is paved. When wood is used, wood with a thickness of about 45 mm is required. For plastic wood, only 25mm thick material is needed, and its strength exceeds 45mm anti-corrosion wood. In other words, if the use of wood is 1 cubic meter, then plastic wood only needs about 0.5 cubic meters.


Plastic wood is a profile with a lot of hollow specifications. Save a lot of material.


Everyone knows that aluminum alloy doors and windows can be popularized so quickly because it is a hollow profile. If it is solid, the price is incredibly high. The plastic wood hollow part is cheaper, although it is not as high as aluminum alloy, but it is also objective. Everyone knows that hollow can not only reduce weight but also increase strength. Plastic wood can be hollow, and wood is impossible.


The surface of the wood is not required to be painted.


Generally wood needs to be treated with surface paint or water-based paint.


Plastic wood products can be maintenance-free.


Wood generally needs to be maintained or painted in one year. In the long run, the maintenance cost of plastic wood is far below that of wood products.


The service life of plastic wood can generally reach 3-4 times that of ordinary wood. Foreign data shows that plastic wood can be used for 10-50 years.