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Installation of plastic wood materials

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The main purpose of plastic wood is to replace wood. The difference between plastic wood and pine, poplar, elm and other natural wood is that it is a kind of "wood" synthesized with plastic and wood fiber; currently the wood-plastic composite products produced in China are woody. Most of the fiber content is more than 50%, mainly wood. There are some aliases for this material at home and abroad, such as “waterproof wood” and “environmental wood”. The global timber resources are severely strained. The floor provides a broad space for development. The following points should be noted during the installation process.


1. For cutting and drilling of plastic wood materials, it is recommended to use alloy saw blades and drill tips: thin tooth saw blades (eg diameter 45 cm, 18-24 teeth) are easier to cut.


Wood-plastic profiles are very easy to use. Unlike wood, you don't have to worry about the grain direction or knots when using Furson wood-plastic profiles.


When drilling large or deep holes, it is time to exit the drill bit to bring out the debris. Do not always want a one-time drill.


Second, regarding the installation of plastic wood materials, under normal circumstances, the support of the wood-plastic profiles requires 30-50 cm span (depending on the size of the profile).


The self-powered screws are durable and are the preferred choice for installing wood-plastic profiles.


When using special screws for installation, it is required to drill holes beforehand. The diameter of the pre-drilled hole should be less than 3/4 of the diameter of the straight nail or screw.


When the profile width is greater than 10 mm, each end should be fixed with two screws.


In special use environments or unusual load conditions - such as hot water baths - installation may require shorter spacing.


Third, regarding the installation of plastic wood materials, considering the drainage, cleaning and slight thermal expansion, shrinkage, etc., when installing Hualong profiles, it is required to leave appropriate gaps between side to side and head to head.


Edge to edge: Between the edge and the edge of the wood-plastic profile requires ≥ 4 mm: when installed in a cold climate, the clearance requirement is ≥ 4 mm.


Head-to-head: The size of the gap between the head and the head of the wood-plastic profile depends on the length of the profile, the temperature at the time of installation, the coefficient of thermal expansion of the profile (ζ≈0.9×10-4), and the local limit temperature.


Head-to-head gap calculation:


For a L-meter long profile, the possible limit temperature in the local year is Tmax, and the temperature at the time of installation is T. Then the clearance of the head should be retained when the profile is installed Δ L=ζ×(Tmax?-T)× L.


For example: a 2 meter long profile with a temperature of 10 ° C on the day of installation and a temperature of 40 ° C per day to hot day, then the gap should be retained when the profile is installed:


Δ L = ζ × (Tmax - ? T) × L = 2000 × (40 - 10) × 0.9 × Note: Wood plastic profiles are required to ensure proper clearance during installation and are mounted directly on the joists. Do not attach wood-plastic profiles directly to any solid surface, such as concrete, roof slabs or roofs.


(1) When plastic wood is used for railings, it is required to line the steel pipe or square steel, and the floor should be firm. The spacing of the railings should be lining every 450mm to prevent deformation.


(2) When using wood for pavilions or flower stands, the coefficient of thermal expansion should be considered, and the columns and beams should be lined with square tubes, and the vertical joints should be firmly connected.


(3) Plastic wood has certain plastic characteristics, so when the length is more than 3 meters, the material has a certain curvature, and it is easy to be corrected to normal when installed. If the plastic wood section is a profiled material, the bending deformation degree is relatively increased. The installation is basically correct in place.


(4) When the profile is installed upright and the length is greater than 3 meters, each end shall be fixed with 4 pairs of clamp screws. And the vertical screw spacing is above 40cm, so that the 4 screws at each end are equally stressed.