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Wood plastic decorative board equipment

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Beautiful surface effect in thermal insulation performance

Tree species wood plastic thermal conductivity

Grade excellent style classic

Specifications 137*20 activity type bestseller

Use range indoor special function is not easy to chapped

Color 11 color use wall line

Type wave board name name veneer


Wood plastic decorative board features: 


1. Science and technology industry - a variety of materials according to the principle of acoustics, reasonable coordination, with superior noise reduction and sound absorption performance, especially for medium and high frequency sound absorption.


2, art products - both natural wood texture, simple and natural; also has a bright and beautiful style that reflects the modern rhythm, the product is very decorative, can be decorated with natural wood grain, patterns and other decorative effects as needed Good visual enjoyment.


3, environmentally friendly products - all materials in line with national environmental standards, formaldehyde content is extremely low, the company can also be customized according to customer needs E0 level zero formaldehyde wood sound-absorbing panels.


4, safety fire - with fire rating B1. This has been tested and passed by the national authorities.


5, mold and moisture - the substrate is all treated with special treatment of mold and moisture-proof board to ensure the product's mold and moisture resistance.


6, easy to install - standardized module design, the use of slots, keel structure, installation is simple and fast.


7. Industrial production - change the extensive production of traditional building materials, use fully automatic computer control equipment, large-scale standardized production, that is, increase production capacity, and also ensure product quality.


Fuzhou Guangming Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing wood-plastic decorative board equipment, wood-plastic building formwork equipment, wood-plastic furniture board equipment.


Article source: China Building Materials Network