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In the future, 80% of people will enter the pastoral health care and pension

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In the future, 80% of people will enter the pastoral health care and pension


Pastoral Health + pension + health support mode, sought after by all humanity, the future of 80% of the population need to live life as a lubricant, so that the pastoral mode + health + health support industrial development is irresistible.

 Creating the Value of the Village from the Perspective of Ecological Civilization

Rural civilization respects nature and respects nature. Regardless of production methods, lifestyles, and customs, it maintains harmony between people and the environment, and between man and nature.

Value--determining the length of people's lives

"Excessive demand for the industrial revolution" seriously jeopardizes the health of a generation, premature "premature death." Development is based on nature's health and retirement industry, and it is in the present place.

Pastoral + health + health model market is incalculable

The pastoral health industry will expand tenfold in the next five years. The market is still in its infancy, and the market demand is huge in the future. The prospects are very broad. Chinese health care market contains up to 15,000 billion per year market share, the average annual urban residents spend more than 2000 yuan with a healthy regimen.

Policy support for the pastoral + health + wellness model

The Party Central Committee and the State Council have consistently attached great importance to the issue of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" and have always insisted on the work of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" as the top priority of all work. In the face of major changes in the domestic development environment and the new situation and new requirements for China's economy to enter a new normal, the Party Central Committee has further placed stable agriculture and rural economic development at a higher level, and made a series of major decision-making arrangements to accelerate the agricultural modernization and Building a new socialist countryside provides an important historical opportunity.

Integrating Kang Yang into leisure agriculture + health + old age as an upgraded version of security

Self-cultivated uncontaminated ingredients are the guarantee of life safety. Adding medicinal medicated diet to the body is a further guarantee of health and old-age care. From eating safely to eating healthier, these functions are fully upgraded. Agricultural leisure land, more able to attract the majority of the crowd while on vacation, while conditioning the body, get a full range of physical and mental care.

Leisure agriculture suitable for long-term health, old-age and healthy mode will be favored

People have realized that with the concept of ecological civilization, the country is like a dusty treasure house, and it is like a craftsmanship. Treating it with an awe, understanding it, you will find irreplaceable value.





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