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The idyllic complex and cultural tourism industry project uses ASA co-extruded wood to bring a new and lasting aesthetic experience

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Idyllic complex, cultural tourism industry

Project application ASA co-extruded wood brings a new lasting aesthetic experience


The idyllic complex and cultural tourism industry is an important carrier for Mr. Xi’s “green mountains and green waters are Jinshan Yinshan” to return to the natural revitalization of the countryside. It is the future development direction of China and an important national policy.



 The idyllic complex is the extension and development of ecological agriculture and leisure tourism, which better reflects the unique charm and vitality of the countryside, creates a unique source of paradise for urbanites, and realizes the urban dream of urban people. At the same time, to enhance the commercial value of the rural complex model, it can better promote the rural revitalization and social development.

Culture is the soul of tourism, and tourism is the carrier of culture. Cultural tourism, a type of tourism activity centered on consumption, experience and enjoyment culture. Cultural tourism is rich in content and attracts more and more tourists to favor and pursue.

The idyllic complex and cultural tourism industry is a development model that combines modern agriculture, leisure culture and tourism industry with characteristic towns, rural complexes and various cultural experiences . It is the development of a new type of industry and a sustainable model for China to achieve rural revitalization and comprehensive development of a characteristic cultural economy.

In recent years, the construction of urban landscapes and municipal projects and cultural tourism resorts in China and abroad, the extensive use of wood preservatives and common composite materials (PE wood plastic, carbonized wood, heavy WPC, etc.) in the project construction, to meet the design requirements and the natural phase The effect and effect of the fusion, due to the short board and defects of the material itself, cause premature cracking, rot, deformation and fading of the material, not only the structural stability can not be guaranteed, but also the loss of the weather resistance, color fade, etc. The most important aesthetic viewing experience. The idyllic complex and cultural tourism industry is a century-old industry that can create an aesthetic and cultural, tourism and sightseeing that can be continuously watched and experienced. Obviously, anti-corrosion wood and common composite materials cannot meet the expected requirements of design.



In 2015, Fujian Jianyuan Technology introduced international advanced technology, and cooperated with domestic and foreign experts to successfully develop Jianyuan ASA co-extruded wood with high international advanced technology level, which fundamentally solved the pain points and difficulties of anti-corrosion wood and ordinary outdoor composite materials. And short board. ASA co-extruded wood core preparation technology has obtained national patent products, and is incorporated into the Weihai West Science and Technology Innovation List and the National Technology Transfer Project. At present, the product has been widely used in cultural tourism, water beauty cities, municipal landscape gardens and high-end resort hotel projects at home and abroad, and is highly praised by users.




ASA co-extruded wood is a new type of material that is highly environmentally friendly in the outdoor composite garden landscape of wood-plastic products. Because of its product's long-lasting stability and long-lasting aesthetic viewing experience. Therefore, it can be tailored according to the design style and requirements of different rural complexes and cultural tourism industries, which can fully meet the design requirements and blend with the natural culture. ASA co-extruded wood is the only non-fading product in the world's outdoor composites.

ASA co-extruded wood application aviation innovation technology, using the international advanced two-machine co-extrusion technology, one-time molding, strong woody feeling, high-fiber materials in the core material, stable molecular structure. The modified PVC WPC core material is then co-extruded with ASA polymer material to achieve coating. It is said that ASA wears a layer of armor for WPC . It has excellent weather resistance and UV resistance under various natural environments. Ability, high wear resistance and maintenance free. Therefore, ASA co-extruded wood fundamentally solves the technical difficulties and short-board pain points of ordinary wood-plastic, anti-corrosion logs and other composite materials: 1) low weather resistance; 2) poor anti-aging performance; 3) poor high-temperature stability of products; 4) waterproof Poor corrosion resistance; 5) poor flame retardancy. ASA co-extruded wood products have the advantages of long-lasting weather resistance, rich color, strong thermal stability and beautiful log texture.































The ASA co-extruded wood structure is durable and aesthetically pleasing – it will bring you a new feeling and a lasting experience.

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