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Affection to co-extrude the wood-plastic platform, leading to the dream landscape

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Affection to co-extrude the wood-plastic platform, leading to the dream landscape


Looking for a courtyard, put my heart,

Make a pot of tea, flat my heart,

Read a free book and calm my heart.












Away from the hustle and bustle

Looking for a courtyard, reading tea,

Friends can drink, do not wait for the time to dye white hair.

This is how many cities are running around,

The desire to seek spiritual homes and souls.












Everyone wants to have such a courtyard.

You can have tea here, chat,

Look at the book, or do nothing,

It’s so quiet to sit,

Let us be so upset by the busy life,

Get a moment of peace and precipitation in this beautiful place,

Enjoy life and really quiet fun.














Deep secluded courtyard, half-volume book, a pot of tea

From the autumn wind, the hot pot is warm,

Boil water and boil tea.

The world is so embarrassed, looking for a courtyard,

Reading tea, it’s good to be physically and mentally...



JIANYUAN WPC deep-cultivation industry for fifteen years,

 Only to make better wood and dream for low-carbon environmental protection;

 Only if you live up to it, you can return to your heart!

Through continuous technological innovation,

Become a leading company in the production of wood-plastic co-extrusion products in China,

Wood-plastic coextrusion of the top ten brands.

     The main products are outdoor ASA co-extrusion, PVC co-extruded wood-plastic, with plank floor series, guardrail series and exterior wall panel series products, which are widely used in garden scenic spots, hydrophilic platforms, swimming pools, villas and hotels. It is very popular and loved by customers at home and abroad.

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Dr. Shen

                                 The quality of the “Jianyuan” brand ASA-PVC co - extruded wood-plastic outdoor products produced by Jianyuan Technology is comparable to that of similar products produced in Europe and the United States.