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Jianyuan ASA co-extruded wood-plastics shines at the 6.18 Straits Project Achievements Fair

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6.18 Straits Project Achievements Fair. Jianyuan ASA co-extruded wood and plastic shines

On June 18th, the 15th China·Straits Project Achievements Fair opened at the Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center .

With the theme of “innovation-driven, transformation and upgrading”, this exhibition will build a platform for project, technology, capital and talent development, attracting more than 2,000 companies to participate.


General Manager Chen Jianyuan and Dean Jiang Fu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Jianyuan Technology Leaders and the provincial and municipal leaders who came to investigate

Left 3 Nanping City Science and Technology Bureau Huang Director, Zuo 4 Chinese Academy of Sciences Jiang Fu Dean, left 5 provincial science and technology department tour payment director, left 6 provincial science and technology office leadership, left 7 Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanping Science and Technology Bureau Xing Fu .


          The products of FUJIAN JIANYUAN WPC SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. were exhibited in the Innovation Zone of the 8th Hall of the Straits Project Achievements Fair. In this exhibition, Jianyuan ASA co-extruded outdoor wood-plastic series products and was selected for the Haixi Science and Technology Innovation List and National Technology Transfer Project. The provincial science and technology department of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Branch, such as Jiang, deputy directors and other experts, saw that JIANYUAN WPC products have transformed scientific and technological innovations into commodities, which have been widely used in Shanghai Pujiang cross-strait landscape, Xiamen BRICS meeting, etc. When the landscape improvement project was given, it was highly praised, and it was recommended that Jianyuan ASA co-extruded outdoor wood-plastic into a new generation of outdoor composite garden landscape green environmental protection new materials. They believed that Jianyuan ASA co-extruded outdoor wood-plastic is the guiding national strategy. The direction of development of new materials.

The old leader Chen Hao went to the Jianyuan Science and Technology Exhibition Area

Jianyuan Technology General Chen reported the product situation to Xu Fu, the provincial science and technology department




Corner of the exhibition area

Participants learn more about Jianyuan ASA co-extruded outdoor wood-plastic products


				Lin Juan of Nanping Science and Technology Bureau received the award


       During the exhibition, Comrade Chen Wei, the old leader of Nanping City, President Jiang Fu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Director of the Provincial Science and Technology Department, and Director Huang of the Science and Technology Bureau of Nanping City visited the Jianyuan Technology Exhibition Area to learn more about the products. Work carefully and guide.


       It is understood that FUJIAN JIANYUAN WPC SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. products have obtained 18 national invention patents and practical patents. Especially in recent years, through the introduction of the world's advanced two-machine coextrusion technology, digestion and absorption of international scientific and technological innovations, we have produced a series of innovative composite materials - co-extruded wood-plastic, especially the world-class ASA-pvc co-extruded wood-plastic Because of its strong weather resistance and non-fading, it is favored by the domestic and overseas markets... It is recognized as an excellent outdoor composite material in the world.


Jianyuan ASA co-extruded outdoor wood-plastic to participate in Shanghai-Fujian Technology Transfer Roundtable

JIANYUAN WPC has been in the industry for 16 years.

 Only do more low-carbon environmental protection can go early heart!

 Through continuous technological innovation,

 Become a leading company in the production of wood-plastic co-extrusion products in China,

 Wood-plastic coextrusion of the top ten brands.

     The main products are outdoor ASA co-extrusion, PVC co-extruded wood-plastic, with plank floor series, guardrail series and exterior wall panel series products, which are widely used in garden scenic spots, hydrophilic platforms, swimming pools, villas and hotels. It is very popular and loved by customers at home and abroad.


      The quality of the “Jianyuan” brand ASA-pvc co-extruded wood-plastic outdoor products produced by Jianyuan Technology can be comparable to similar products produced by European and American countries.

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