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[Jianyuan ASA co-extruded wood plastic] co-extruded wood-plastic auxiliary equipment----a beautiful landscape in the garden landscape

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[Jianyuan ASA co-extruded wood plastic] co-extruded wood-plastic auxiliary equipment----a beautiful landscape in the garden landscape



The charming garden landscape is not just a place.


It is a relaxed environment that allows us to release stress.


It allows us to touch the blue sky, white clouds and trees between the heavens and the earth.



Co-extruded wood plank flooring, outdoor ground is a very attractive secondary packaging material, the material itself due to its high weather resistance, color stability, with abundant rich and colorful wood texture and a sense of texture. Its diversity and plasticity so that is suitable for Chinese and modern design, is also suitable for a rural setting with irregular meter style. Co-extruded WPC decking auxiliary equipment can be a lot of different styles of architecture and integration for the construction of robust and reliable platform pedals, especially plant pavement effect was small park by the road better. Co-extruded WPC decking can also be made stairs, bridges and guardrails, so between the buildings and grounds can be used as over- materials transition. In the context of the garden paths, gardens, garden series from which the colored sketches of plants, the natural extension of the mood of the garden, with its garden in its natural environment combine to show a harmonious natural, seamless.





Advantages and characteristics of co-extruded wood-plastic in garden landscape:


● Environmental protection -  co - extruded wood-plastic is water-proof, anti-corrosive and flame-retardant, and does not contain any harmful ingredients. Moreover, it can be recycled and recycled, and it will not cause secondary pollution to the environment at all.

● High weather resistance, high strength, UV resistance, high wear resistance, maintenance-free - co - extruded wood-plastic materials, because of its high weather resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance, color stability, good impact resistance, thermal stability Good characteristics, no matter whether it is used in various natural climates such as seaside, plateau, high temperature and cold, etc., it has very good physical and chemical properties and performance.

●  Long service life - Co - extruded wood-plastic materials are strong in plasticity, easy to install, and have a service life and cycle of at least 15 years (ASA/pvc co-extruded wood-plastics for more than 20 years) and are free of maintenance.