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[Jianyuan ASA co-extruded wood plastic] choose co-extruded wood-plastic platform, wonderful bloom in the four seasons

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In the courtyard, terrace, plank road,

Build a platform and building,

Design a green landscape,

Choose a suitable co-extruded wood-plastic floor.

Fitted with green plants and placed with a set of outdoor furniture.

Bring a pot of good tea, drink with friends and family, and soak up the sun.

Look at your favorite clouds every day,

Look at the flowers and flowers, watch the sun set and watch the rain and snow.

Life should be so quiet and comfortable,

You can taste the grass and the wood to give us ease and freedom.

Raise flowers and grass, return to the countryside.

Quiet platform small courtyard,

Interpretation and infiltration of attitudes and feelings towards life








       Co-extruded wood-plastic is a composite product developed from technological innovation in recent years. The co-extruded wood-plastic material itself has the unique properties of high weather resistance, waterproof, anti-corrosion, flame retardant, wear-resistant and environmental protection, and at the same time, because its surface has wood and texture similar to natural high-grade wood, and the garden landscape in Europe and America. It is widely used in construction. The rich color of the co-extruded wood-plastic surface, the natural smooth wooden feel, durable and not faded, simple and heavy, giving people the feeling of change, ups and downs, life movement, making people pleasing. Appropriate representation of the harmony between man and movement, life and rhythm. These natural textures are enduring and never tired. Bring you a memory and a warmth. It is unmatched by ordinary wood and other composite materials.