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[Jianyuan ASA co-extruded wood plastic] application of wood plastic

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Wood-plastic materials are flexible and can be applied to any field of wood processing, replacing wood-based environmentally friendly materials;

Wood-plastic products play a vital role in the country's low energy consumption, and are a recyclable product that is widely used in several major projects in the country.



Environmental pollution and deforestation have now caused more and more serious damage to the environment.

At present, the low-carbon environmental cycle is prevalent, and wood-plastic meets the needs of this trend. It uses plastic and plant straw as raw materials to produce environmentally-friendly, high-performance, low-cost decorative building materials.

The wood-plastic products are green, non-toxic, moisture-proof, anti-corrosive, non-deformable and have a long service life.


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The wind of low-carbon cycle is becoming more and more popular. The price of wood-plastic products is low, low-carbon and environmentally friendly. Wood-plastic panels are popular in countries and countries at home and abroad.

JIANYUAN WPC is a new environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite product.

Wood-plastic products have changed the appearance of traditional wood products , abandoned the various drawbacks of traditional wood products, and provided consumers with a new look of plastic-wood products.