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[Jianyuan ASA co-extruded wood-plastic] Jianyuan co-extruded wood-plastic to add color to Xiamen Railway Park--Dense ink painting and calligraphy park road

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Xiamen's "face" - Railway Culture Park is "China's most beautiful railway" park. It is also a must-see place for Xiamen travel. The traffic is very large, but the aging phenomenon of the original wooden plank road is quite serious, causing many changes to the tourists. In December last year, the Xiamen Evening News reported that "she once said that "someone will fall down" and she didn't expect to fall down is her wife." Based on this plank road reconstruction is imminent, all the British materials are gathered together, the third generation of Jianyuan Extrusion wood-plastic products are used for their unique high weather resistance, rich color, and wooden texture. After the renovation, it will not only make the guests and citizens travel safer and more secure when traveling and leisure, but also be more harmonious with the surrounding environment.








Has high weather resistance, waterproof, corrosion, fire-retardant, wear-resistant, maintenance-free, plasticity and strong environmental performance characteristic of co-extruded wood-plastic products , to solve the fundamental ordinary wood and other composite materials will deform, crack, fade, single color wood texture, requiring maintenance and other shortcomings, but also because its surface has a sense of texture with natural wood and wood higher comparable, have been widely used in outdoor construction of villas, museums, hotels, landscape gardens and other European countries. As a key renovation project this year , Siming District allocated special funds for the renovation of some of the park's wooden plank roads. Renovation of two sections, including a section in the swimming pool to the Botanical Garden and near the road Siming District Government, the whole length of about 2.5 km.