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Eco-wood in the Sentosa Walk in Singapore

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During the "May 1st" holiday, each scenic spot is a sea of ​​people. I wonder if you are one of them? Now that foreign travel has become fashionable, Singapore is also a good choice. I wonder if you have been to the Sentosa Walk? If you go, let us remember the good moments, if you have not been there, let's feel it together!

The Sentosa Walk is built on a new facility on the sea and adjacent to the original Sentosa Bridge. It is 670 meters long and connects to the Vivo City and the upcoming “World of Sights” . The walking track is mainly to strengthen the pedestrian exchanges and contacts between the two large commercial facilities. The built-up area is approximately 16,400 square meters, most of which are decorated with ecological wood and landscape design.






In order to create a more comfortable and relaxing walking experience, a covered walkway with a covered walkway is provided to allow visitors to enjoy the magnificent sea view from different angles. The large landscaped garden design displays a variety of interesting regional landscapes for outdoor recreation, and also provides natural shades and refreshing surroundings for visitors on the trail during the day.




In order to add vitality to the trails and tap into potential business opportunities, the viewing platform and entrance plaza on the waterfront of the promenade set up restaurants and small shops, allowing visitors to enjoy the beautiful sea view while enjoying the food. The souvenir shop and ticket office are located in the entrance plaza, facing the "World of Sights".