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Recommended for you: high weathering, high abrasion resistance, UV resistant, maintenance free ASA/PVC 2

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High weathering, high abrasion, UV resistant, maintenance free ASA/PVC 2




Co-extruded wood-plastic outdoor products have been widely sold in Europe and the United States due to their high weather resistance, high wear resistance, UV resistance and maintenance-free performance. The current market share of 80% , especially ASA / PVC coextrusion outdoor wood product quality is superb .ASA process uses acrylonitrile, styrene, acrylic rubber obtained by copolymerizing three yuan was set, with its structural characteristics Excellent weather resistance, strong durability in the natural environment, and ability to maintain its color and physical properties stability even after prolonged exposure to strong ultraviolet rays, humidity, heat or cold weather. It is an outdoor wood-plastic surface treatment technology. Preferred material. The ASA/PVC co-extruded wood-plastic outdoor product adopts the world's current advanced two-machine co-extrusion technology, and a layer of ASA material is coextruded in the PVC WPC plastic and wood-plastic core to achieve surface coating. The image is ASA is WPC wood. Plastic wearing a layer of armor, greatly improving the material's weather resistance and aging resistance, therefore, ASA co-extruded wood-plastic technology has been widely used by major wood-plastic manufacturers in Europe and the United States.

The quality of the "Jianyuan" brand ASA/PVC co-extruded wood-plastic outdoor products produced by Jianyuan Technology is comparable to that of similar products produced in Europe and the United States.


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