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[Jianyuan ASA co-extruded wood-plastic] Co-extruded wood-plastic application in the garden - Dream Pool

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[Jianyuan ASA co-extruded wood-plastic] Co-extruded wood-plastic application in the garden - Dream Pool



The fascinating dream pool is not only a place, but also a relaxed environment that allows us to release stress. It is like a mirror between heaven and earth, reflecting the blue sky, white clouds and trees. Everything in the heavens and the earth seems to be touched in the relaxation. The charm of the swimming pool is that you can't swim, you will also be full of temptations, the flowing beauty, and the changing waves will make you unable to resist.








Advantages and features of co-extruded wood-plastic in the garden dream pool:

Environmental protection -

Co-extruded wood-plastic is water-proof, anti-corrosive and flame-retardant, and does not contain any harmful ingredients. Moreover, it can be recycled and recycled, and it will not cause secondary pollution to the environment at all.

High weather resistance, super UV resistance, high wear resistance, maintenance free —
Co-extruded wood-plastic materials, because of its excellent weather resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance, color stability, excellent impact resistance, good thermal stability, etc., whether used for seaside, high altitude, high temperature and cold, etc. The region has very stable and stable physical and chemical properties and performance in various natural climates. At the same time, it can be customized according to different environments and design styles. Produce a variety of personalized products that are rich in surface wood texture and texture characteristics comparable to high-end wood, creating a variety of spatial changes.

long lasting-
The co-extruded wood-plastic material has strong plasticity, convenient installation, and has a service life and cycle of at least 15 years (ASA/pvc can be more than 20 years) and is free of maintenance.
As a new high-end environmentally friendly green composite material, co-extruded wood-plastic materials have been widely used in landscape gardens in Europe and the United States, and will certainly be an inevitable choice for building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society in China.