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Manager of the Foreign Trade Department:



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Assistant General Manager of the Operation Center (Working Place Xiamen)

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Description of job:


1. Under the leadership of the general manager of sales, responsible for market development, customer maintenance and sales management;


2. According to the marketing plan formulated by the company, do a good job in promoting, promoting and selling the products, and completing the assigned sales tasks;


3. Independently develop and dock the relevant garden planning and design units and recommend the company's products;


4. Be able to stand alone, complete the management of dealers and franchisees, establish long-term and stable cooperative relations with major franchisees in the region, and be responsible for the development of blank markets in the region;


5, Good at communication, strong coordination ability, can complete the project development docking work alone. Promote the project to land;


6. College degree or above. More than 3 years of experience in enterprise market management or sales management, more than 2 years experience as a manager or a job in the same level; focus on the overall development of the team and the company. Have a strong career and have certain leadership skills.