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Wood-plastic composite material, the leader of the national green building

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China Garden Materials Network July 23 news: Under the pace of developing green buildings across the country, wood-plastic composite materials give full play to their advantages, become an important member of this goal, and has broad prospects for development. It is understood that wood-plastic materials have thermoplastic products that not only have the texture of natural wood, but also overcome the fatal defects of natural wood in the use of deformation, cracking, mildew, insects and ants, and do not require complex post-maintenance. Long service life; easy to form processing characteristics, and greatly improved the serious creep defects of plastic products, the comprehensive mechanical properties are significantly improved; can use the general plastic processing equipment for the molding of different cross-section products, can also be used like wood Ordinary woodworking machinery performs post-processing of forming products such as length sawing and surface sanding; it can realize waste utilization by using recycled plastics and discarded natural fibers, and can also avoid adverse impact on the environment through recycling and reprocessing of products. New green building materials products of the national environmental protection policy. The application range of wood-plastic composite materials can cover almost all the original fields of use of logs, plastics, ceramics, plastic steel, aluminum alloys and other similar composite materials, and has begun to penetrate into construction, home improvement, furniture, automobiles, transportation, logistics, packaging, In the fields of gardening, municipal administration, environmental protection, sports, and even military, the radiation surface and influence are gradually expanding, and the application prospects are very broad. The main customers of wood-plastic materials in North America and Europe are ordinary consumers. The main products are wood-plastic flooring, railings and fences. Due to the relatively long development time of the technology, the relevant installation technology and supporting products are complete, and the market has a high degree of acceptance of wood-plastic products. With the gradual improvement of living standards and the rapid development of urban construction, large-scale municipal renovation and park construction have begun in various parts of China, and wood-plastic materials have also achieved rapid development due to their excellent characteristics. The construction around the Beijing Olympic venues and the China Pavilion at the World Expo will promote environmental protection and green policy orientation through the use of wood-plastic materials. At present, wood-plastic materials are gradually being applied to the construction of community landscapes and structural construction. Because of its low density, flame retardancy and beautiful appearance, it is used indoors on a large scale. The main products are doors, windows, door covers, corner lines, Great Wall boards, ceilings and so on. Due to the moisture-proof, mildew-proof, long-life, high-strength and fumigation-free properties of wood-plastic materials, it is also used in pallet products for logistics.