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Study the significance of wood plastic materials

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Study the significance of wood plastic materials



Because wood-plastic materials have many advantages compared with pure wood and plastic, its obvious advantages of zero formaldehyde, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-ant, acid and alkali resistant, flame retardant, recyclable, easy to install and maintenance-free have been Wide range of applications at home and abroad. The material is a green and environmentally-friendly material. The wood-plastic materials produced by this technology can replace the use of wood, effectively alleviating the contradiction between the lack of forest resources and the shortage of timber supply in China.


The production technology of wood-plastic materials not only meets the needs of the development of the national economic situation, but also aligns with the national industrial policies, and the products are used in a wide range. Therefore, it can be believed that wood-plastic materials are a promising material and an innovative technology with vitality and market development prospects. It has broad market prospects and good economic and social benefits.


1. Circular economy: Wood-plastic materials can be recycled, that is, they can be crushed and then used after being used for many years.


2. Environmental protection: wood plastic raw materials: plastics, plant fibers, and additives themselves are environmentally friendly materials.


3. Energy saving: the use of wood-plastic materials instead of wood, plastics and steel can reduce energy consumption and achieve energy-saving effects. The wood-plastic material itself has the effect of heat insulation, which can be used for building decoration and can save energy.


4. Energy saving and emission reduction: use wood plastic materials to reduce the use of wood, reduce deforestation, and allow forests to absorb carbon dioxide and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


In the past few years, Jianyuan Technology has been committed to quality improvement and technological innovation. The high-tech means and the twin-screw structure of twin-screw WPC extruder have successfully developed the technology of WPC powder + PVC, and obtained the utility model patent certificate. At the same time, JIANYUAN WPC also obtained the title of China Green Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Building Materials Product Certificate and Fujian Famous Trademark.


Jianyuan Technology is striving to be the leader of energy conservation and the ambassador of environmental protection.


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Jianyuan--China Green Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Building Materials


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