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[JIANYUAN WPC] A letter to friends

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Dear friends:


2015 - an ordinary and grateful year, friends! Thank you for your concern, concern and help for [JIANYUAN WPC] in the past year! Spring returned, fresh starts for everything. Looking forward to 2016 - still here, there are me, have you, have him, we witnessed the development of [JIANYUAN WPC] together!


[JIANYUAN WPC] As a professional manufacturer specializing in landscape construction wood-plastic materials and interior decoration wood-plastic materials, it is our aim to create "Jianyuan Home" with scientific and technological innovation and integrity. [Jianyuan people] has always been committed to providing energy-saving and environmentally friendly new decorative materials. In the past year, we have successfully developed a series of co-extruded wood-plastic series and wall-covering panels, achieving a year of innovation and development. In 2016 , you will continue to see that Jianyuan people provide more environmentally friendly and decorative materials from technological breakthroughs and research and development of new products to the market. On the other hand, through the implementation of diversified and international development strategies, we will build a wider platform and build trenches. Leading the phoenix. I set up your singing, the market is shared, thinking is cross-border, friends let us join hands and sing the main theme of environmental protection and health! Happy 2016 !


I wish you a happy New Year!


I wish you a happy career, good health and a happy family!















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Jianyuan--Famous Trademark of Fujian Province


Jianyuan--Gold Award of Fujian Province Brand Industrial Enterprise


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WPC soundproof shaped board


Twin-screw structure of twin-screw WPC plastic extruder


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